”We free our clients’ resources by eliminating uncertainty and providing evidence through highly skilled investigation.”


”We exist to raise the quality and professional level of private investigation and to increase the legitimacy of the industry.”


Professionalism. In the way we operate, we are competent, respectful and trustworthy. We take pride in doing our upmost to solve each case and to give the best guidance to our client. We are educated as well as trained in both theoretical and practical aspects of an investigation. We strive to learn and educate ourselves continuously to be at the forefront of our investigations.

Trust. This is essential to the way we operate – both within our team and in the relationship to our clients. In the investigation of a case, it can be required to make use of covers in order to detect and to prove fraud or breach of contract. We always conduct these types of investigations with full compliance of the law and legislation.

Integrity. In the way we operate, we strive to indemnify and assure that contracts and agreements between businesses as well as private persons are upheld. Also that rules are kept. We aim to be objective in our investigation. We need to establish what has happened based on facts and as close to the truth as possible. We always operate in compliance with the abiding laws and legislation.

Teamwork. We are a strong team and our different profiles make us stronger together. We know that the best investigation is based upon joining various skills and co-operating with respect for each individual team member. No one is as good as all of us, when we work together.