We use a complete set of methods within investigation:

Traditional investigation based on interviews with relevant parties in the case and systematic gathering of documentation and evidence e.g. witness statements, documents, research and enquiries, searches in various public archives, verifying certificates etc.

Surveillance with close observation of a person or persons in a defined period documenting their activities with photo- and video sequences.

Agent provocateur based investigations where we make use of covers and play an active role by making the suspects reveal themselves. Typical cases are competition clauses or violation of copy rights. Documentation is obtained with covert or hidden recording equipment.

The choice of method very much depends on the case and at times it can be an advantage to  combine different approaches.


In CIS Gruppen we have a broad variety of photographical equipment, electronic gear, and tracking devices which we use in cases requiring surveillance or agent provocateur based investigation. The implementation of these forms of equipment requires detailed knowledge of the laws and legislation and in some cases it can be the only way of obtaining clear and solid evidence.

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