Private investigator, private detective, detective, special consultant – there are many descriptions of our industry.

We prefer to talk about our investigation methods, work and, not least, our results as the best approach.

Private investigator is undoubtedly the most widely used word. However, the word “detective” appears in many European languages eg:

Norwegian: detektiv, Danish: detektiv, German: detektiv, English: detective, French: détective, Dutch: detective, Lithuanian: detektyvas, Polish: detektyw, Russian: дeтeктив.

The word originates from the latin ‘detegere’ to uncover and discover. In Denmark, we have a tradition for using the word ‘efterforskning’ or investigation within the public sector including the District attorney office and the police.

If you ask us directly, private investigator, is the term we use to define ourselves. Primarily, because we want to differentiate our work from novels and the traditional images that many associate with when they hear the word detective or private detective. However, the cornerstone of our work remains the same: to uncover and discover what has happened or is happening in a given case. And above all, to provide evidence and document it.

See more about our methods and the legislation covering private investigation in Denmark.