Leading investigators

Founder and Managing Director, Mrs. Ulla Vang Christensen

Private investigator with 11 years’ experience in research and investigations, including 9 years as a managing investigator in the private sector. Extensive experience in investigations with an expertise in public databases and locating various types of information on the internet. M.A. in Media and communications studies from Aarhus University, Denmark and Brunel University, London. Strong at the operational level in managing an investigation and creating results. Expertise in surveillance with various forms of electronic equipment. Strong international network. Speaker at conferences in the insurance industry and guest lecturer at The University of Southern Denmark.


Investigation team

5 investigators from the Jutland peninsula: Covering the western part of Denmark.
A person with a background as a certified airline pilot, two consultants with police background and two consultants with background from the military and special forces.

8 investigators from Copenhagen and the South Sealand area: Covering the eastern part of Denmark and providing consultancy in special cases. Two IT-experts, two consultants with police background, two consultants with background from the military and special forces, two consultants with other corporate background, and a masters’ psychology student specialising in human behavioural patterns.

All investigators have participated in theoretical and practical training and have signed an agreement of unending duty of confidentiality. A clean criminal record is required to be considered for the team.